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Please look after yourselves in grief

Spirit speaking:

In Spirit, we worry about you in grief. PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES. You do not need to worry about us. You disrespect us by making yourselves ill. There is no need to make yourselves ill. We would much prefer it, if you could gather yourselves together, pick yourself up and live your life to the full, with us right by your side and within your heart. Do not waste your life mourning for us. We are right here with you. The relationship continues. Get on with your life and ask us for help and we will give you all the guidance, love and support you need, but you must open to us.

You must focus on us. You must light the candle. You must say the prayer. You must do whatever you need to do, whatever little ritual you need to play out, to feel close to us — please do this and then, open yourself to us.

Don’t live in the past, we are no longer there. It is just your memories.

Hannah speaking:

It seems to me that there’s this spokesperson come forward: it’s not Christian. I can’t identify gender. I think it’s just a universal voice. It’s like they’re pleading.

Spirit speaking:

Please don’t live in the past. Please don’t turn away from others. Turn away from that darkness into the light — we are here. It’s lovely to be acknowledged by you, but for us it’s more important that you look after yourself in the physical and that you realise you can have a relationship with us now.

Hannah speaking:

I’ve got my eyes closed, but in front of me is really bright. It’s like a beautiful sea of faces, but it’s not even faces. Like glowing bodies — silhouettes of bodies behind this really brilliant, golden light.

I can see one spokesperson come forward, with wings…

Spirit speaking:

This is the mission Hannah and Christian have to show, that we’re all still here in your lives. It’s a present relationship. It’s a NOW relationship. Please look after yourselves in the physical. It makes us sad to see you in grief, and pain and hurt. There is no need for this. We’re all here.

Please remember this over Christmas and, although there may be tears, know that we’re in your heart and know that we are bestowing all the blessings on you.

(This excerpt is taken from a Facebook Live video, see the whole exchange with Spirit via this link - look for the lights in the darkness image.)

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