Feedback from Claire - The Oily Witch

"Thank you for the session Hannah. It’s an amazing thing. I can’t believe how calm I felt all through it. It’s not so long ago that I would NEVER EVER have even contemplated this." GP, in person, mediumship & tarot


"... thank you for the reading, it was just what I needed to hear and thank you for all your suggestions.  You have given me a definite idea of what path I should be following and I feel a lot more positive now." GS, in person, intuitive tarot


"It was lovely to see you and thank you so much for the recording. It was incredible! Definitely helped me." KE, in person, mediumship


"Hi Hannah. Just wanted to drop a message to send a big thank you for our session today. Straight after I wrote down everything that was fresh in my mind & things are still popping up that I go back to note down. You are very gifted... you told me at the beginning of the hour that at some point there would be a huge realisation of some sort, and there was - we all felt it. How beautiful. Tonight I've asked my brother to join me for dinner - at which point I will share my experience and recommend your services. Sending so much love & gratitude. xx" GE, remote, mediumship


"Hannah magically appeared in to my life when I most needed her. I'd lost my father suddenly and shockingly, and the wound that that created just wouldn't heal, despite all my knowledge and best efforts. I went to see Hannah and through her got to speak to my father; just one conversation was all it took to prove to me he was very much still with me. I no longer feel the pain from that wound, instead I feel enlightened and protected. Thank you Death Queen. xxx"

CO, in person, mediumship


"It was great seeing you again today & thank you so much for everything this morning - wow... I came away feeling happy, focused and strong - upbeat and energised. I’m so grateful to you for the journey so far, thank you so much for helping xxx [in Spirit] & I with everything. I’m focused my end in order to have the clear channel... thank you for the book too." RB, in person, mediumship


"Now that I have had some time to settle and allowed things to sink in from Friday, I wanted to send you a note to say thank you so much. I really had no idea as to what to expect when I knocked on your door with my emotions and nerves at an all-time high (off the radar level), not knowing what to expect, and I really wanted to say thank you for your time & kindness as well as everything else on Friday. I was completely exhausted afterwards, goodness there was a lot to take in, but on Saturday, life was somehow all a little bit clearer. I hadn't actually realised how heavily immersed in grief I still am, how it has been dictating a lot of my life, and thank you for showing me this. I have followed your advice and have bought a journal and will be making a few other changes to give myself some time/space." RB, in person, intuitive tarot.


"Wow - this is so very accurate. I’m speechless... I can’t stop listening to my reading..." SC, remote, tarot.


"I am familiar with intuitive readings and am an intuitive myself. Hannah has done an online reading and it was spot on. She also channeled in great detail a message from a person that has been my biggest teacher in life and has passed. It released me from my burden and it now all makes perfect sense. I love her honesty and certainty, that as an intuitive I can always recognise. Thank you Hannah for helping me connect the dots and connecting me with the spirits' messages." DB, remote, Australia.


"Wow!!!! Thank you so so much for my reading tonight. It was absolutely amazing and so intuitive. You most certainly have an amazing gift and I know I will be forever grateful for your time tonight." SB-W, in person, UK.

“Thank you Hannah, that was an amazing connection with my brother!” BB, remote, Australia

"The information I have received is verification that I'm on the correct path, and has put me in touch with my inner self. I feel that I can now make a difficult decision to change my situation with confidence and I can progress in my life without fear. Thank you, Hannah." GW, remote, UK.


“Wow - thank you so much… you really do have a special talent… The reading you sent I’m still reading over and over again.” SW, remote, UK. 

“What a beautiful reading. You have such a way with words… It’s uncanny… it’s like you have been sitting in my head lately.” CK, remote, UK. 

"I'd been feeling for a long time like something was stuck in my thinking and in my life and I couldn't quite get past it. I have always been interested in the spiritual world and what it may hold. By the time I happened on a chance conversation with Hannah I had tried a number of other approaches (craniosacral therapy, healing touch massage, psychotherapy) to try and "unstick" myself, all of which had helped but hadn't quite unstuck me in the way I could feel I needed. Even though I was interested from the start, it was a while after I took Hannah's card that the time felt right for me to message her. When I did message Hannah asking about having a tarot reading, she was very supportive and explained how things would work if I decided to go ahead. I was nervous about what might come up (and also mindful of being surprised or disappointed by what I might hear) but Hannah's messages along the way reassured me that she was in it with me and that I was in safe hands. 

Hannah let me know exactly when she planned to do the [remote] reading. I found this very helpful as it allowed me to mentally prepare and manage my anticipation. It also allowed me to focus my own energies on the morning I knew Hannah was doing the reading. Listening to the reading itself felt very intimate and personal, as though whoever was providing guidance through Hannah knew me to my core. I saw Hannah shortly following the reading and it was surprising for me to remember that Hannah herself knew very little about me (we had only spoken once face to face prior to the reading). 

In the hours and days following the reading, I felt so much lighter and as though a real shift had taken place. I had a much clearer picture of where my efforts needed to be placed. It felt like being given a glimpse of a road map that I couldn't even see before. It is now a few weeks since the reading and I still feel very encouraged and supported by the guidance I was given. I have felt more positive ever since, as though a cloud has been lifted and I can see myself and the world around me much more clearly. I can see a way ahead that had felt so far out of reach before, and through the reading I realised I was actually much closer to where I needed to be than I'd ever imagined. It has given me a sense of peace that I doubted I would ever find again."

LG, remote, intuitive tarot

“Wow, thank you so much for the reading and delivering it to me so quickly. It was a pleasure to read… I can see that there is some light at the end of the tunnel…” MS, remote, UK.

“I keep going back to the reading because it feels very pure and true - like the sound a bell makes, if that makes sense. And it has really helped me enormously with my current state of flux.” DQ, remote, UK.

“I don't know where to start! I've read the reading through twice now and cried both times. I can resonate with everything you/the cards have picked up on. I believe this is your calling Hannah, you're so talented. The way you write is just magical.” SW, remote, UK.

"Letter received and read! Thank you so much! Wow...so much resonated with me!... You have a true gift for this!!" JB, remote, UK.

"Wow, I keep reading it over and over again and it is spot on, it all makes complete sense. I was shaking and tearful when I first read it. You have written all my worries and fears. Every time I feel a bit wobbly I now read this and it gets me back on track....thank you so much it was the pick up I needed and a reminder that it is only a blip." EM, remote, UK.