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Hello - my name is Hannah Velten. My brother-in-Spirit is Christian. We are co-founders of The RAISE Lighthouse: a love-fuelled energetic channel between the physical and non-physical realms with the purpose of releasing stuck, Earth-bound spirits.

This is worlds away from what we thought we'd be doing, but in 2003 Christian went missing in Mali, Africa, and life shattered as we knew it! 

I froze in traumatic and anticipatory grief when my only sibling disappeared. Today, I know the term of 'ambiguous loss' which has been described as the "most stressful kind of loss" (Dr Pauline Boss). I didn't know what to do - I played no part in the (inconclusive) searches for him and kept myself isolated (emotionally and physically) from family and friends. Was Christian still alive and in trouble, choosing not to return, or was he dead? It felt the cruelest of losses - being helpless, in a nightmarish limbo. 


I had been severed from my soulmate brother (I was only 14 months older than him). I became an only child. Not only did I feel abandoned, but I (subconsciously) felt furious with Christian for going on the fool-hardy African expedition everyone had warned him against. Although I said I loved him and wanted him to return, I had a (again, subconscious) belief that he'd never return and even if he did, he'd be so different (damaged) from the man he'd been that he wouldn't be my proper brother. I was left unable to speak about Christian - new friends didn't even know I had a brother... he became a taboo subject. 


After about 18 months of him being missing, I had to think of Christian as dead to be able to find some closure, of sorts. I fled from my grief, trying to dampen it down with alcohol & work, but the pain was like a toxic soup seeping into my dreams, my relationships, my outlook on life and eroding my trust and faith in the Universe. Then there were the milestones he missed and the bitter sweet celebrations: the births of my children ('Uncle' Christian's nephew and niece), my marriage, anniversaries and birthdays. Heartbreaking moments of overwhelming grief.

But then 2015 dawned: Christian's 40th birthday loomed large. What should we do? Twelve years had passed; there had been no news, no ransom note, no belongings found, nothing. He'd disappeared off the face of the Earth around Bamako, the capital of Mali, and he had been declared legally 'dead' to be able to deal with his finances. I was finally being called to face my grief... so I persuaded our parents to have a large garden party for Christian, inviting family and all of Christian's friends. This decision marked the beginning of our shared healing.


At the party, I inadvertently initiated a connection with Christian which gradually saw me experiencing more and more incredible magic and miracles until, after a long and revelatory inner journey, Christian was finally able to confirm his death to me in 2018... by then I was ready to hear the truth. In the year that followed, we fully healed and re-birthed our sibling bond, mainly via guided writing and trance mediumship and, despite never retrieving his physical body, I was able to discover the truth surrounding Christian's disappearance and his death. Unconditional love, understanding and forgiveness were key to our unity, joy and transformation. I was also able to retrieve his trapped spirit energy from Africa and deliver him 'home'. I did find Christian, and he's still my brother... and during our 20 year journey we also found our joint purpose: healing and transforming grief in the world via releasing stuck spirits. 


We’ve both learnt so many lessons about the nature of death, the afterlife and healing after loss. We now help others, not only to honour the trauma we’ve been through, but because we want to throw out the rulebook on whats possible after loss.


The RAISE Lighthouseis a collaborative effort, attracting stuck spirits who are wishing to ascend. There are many reasons why spirits get stuck, but in Christian’s case: 

  • he did not know he’d died (drowned unconsciously), 

  • he’d been through trauma which had cause him to release some soul parts (he wasn’t energetically ‘whole’),

  • he was waiting for me to fulfil my soul contract - for me to find him, and release him,

  • we, his family and friends, were holding him energetically, unable to release him, or our grief,

  • he had unfinished business - he wanted to finish his expedition and return home.


Everywhere we look, our Western world denies, hides and fears death and when people die in sudden and/or traumatic circumstances there seems to be no solution to healing loss - spirits become stuck because we have no understanding of the afterlife and what we need to do when we die, and how we (remaining in the physical) keep spirits stuck. The heavy stagnant energies of stuck spirits affects all of us, and during the COVID19 pandemic the numbers of energies awaiting release has also grown to pandemic proportions. 


Our aim is: 

  • to share our sibling story to illustrate the potential of releasing stuck spirits, after a death in life

  • to rescue, on a weekly basis, those stuck spirits who are attracted to ’The RAISE Lighthouse’,

  • to assimilate missing soul parts in the living and dead,

  • to illuminate all who come into contact with us, and our work - raising people out of fear, into love,

  • to support those who feel they have a soul contract to become a rescue medium; using our RAISE Pathway: Initiation Process (available in our online membership community),

  • to educate about death, the afterlife, stuck spirits, and how not to become stuck when you die.


Our work centres on: 

  • our current paperback ‘Lost & Found: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss’ - which is co-written with Christian, and only available through our website (it won "Best Spirit Guides & Afterlife Book" in Soul & Spirit magazine's 'Spiritual Book Awards 2020'),

  • 'The Finder of Lost Things YouTube channel - sharing all the goodness from our experiences, including our podcast and trance mediumship sessions,

  • a proposed book outlining our work and the stories of those we work with in spirit and in the physical. Storytelling being the key to passing on the key messages of faith, love and truth,

  • a film / documentary series showcasing our release work, with different soul clusters / spirits stuck in certain places or after certain events,

  • our online membership community, called The RAISE Lighthouse', where spirit mediums (and those intuitives being called towards rescue mediumship) can come to learn the fundamentals of our approach via The RAISE Pathway’, with the possibility of joining the core RAISE Lighthouse team,

  • workshops/podcasts/talks to share our work,

  • offering ‘private hire of The RAISE Lighthouse to families, businesses, organisations, governments, anywhere in the world,

  • AND FINALLY.... Christian and I have a private mission to repatriate his bones and belongings from Africa, allowing him to ‘rest in peace’, back in East Sussex, England.

Thank you for reading our statement of intent. When I first started this journey my intention was to find Christian, and I did, although not as we'd hoped for, or expected. I've since learnt that setting intentions, and keeping focused on them, brings them into fruition as long as you are open to receiving and releasing control.


Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any comments, questions or ideas for us.


Last updated 14 June 2023

* 'RAISE' was Christian's computer password... and his favourite graffiti to leave in places!

Better to live raised up, than live low. Fly free from the Earth-bound grief cage.



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