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Chris and myself, aided by several of our beautiful and experienced RAISE members, are hosting group retreats, both online and in-person. You might also like to think of these events as creative and immersive grief rituals and/or ceremonies.


What does complicated grief include? Well, this list is a mix of our own experience and those of our clients:

* sudden and unexpected deaths

* death by suicide

* dead 'before their time'

* unfinished business (no resolution)

* incomplete funeral or burial rites

* ages-old stagnant and unexpressed grief

* ancestral grief that is passing through your family/community

* a deep grief that you're holding but you don't know its cause

* strained relations with the dead

* and other 'difficult' deaths, or seemingly impossible-to-heal grief.

Essentially we will be assisting those who need to face and release their grief, re-connect and find freedom, whatever the situation.

Because Chris and myself will hold the space, there will be a direct connection with Spirit and we will work across the realms providing a safe, empowering and comforting channel for re-connection. The extent of our individual involvement will depend on the size and make-up of the group.

Some experiences will involve a fire circle or a fire walk, others a weekend of individual and group activities, others (when online) might be a group programme over several weeks.

Chris and myself love to write, dance, be in circle around a fire, walk, talk intimately, create rhythms, meditate, communicate through tarot/music, join with animals/Nature energies, create rituals & ceremony and generally go with the creative flow. We can co-create just the experience for you.


We would love to work with:


* support groups

* charities

* families

* communities

* organisations

* businesses

* work colleagues

* leadership teams

The purpose will be to re-connect you to your true selves, your loved ones, Nature, something greater than yourself, your ancestors, to wonder, to mystery... to whatever you need to remember and retrieve. You know what you need to heal.

And your 'dead' will be right with you. In fact, they will probably be the ones calling you in (they'll more likely whisper/drop hints, but they'll do it repeatedly until you listen!)

If you'd like to know more, do just email me and we can chat, or if you can spread the word, please do.

Hannah and Chris


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