Work With Us:


Christian and I (and my guides) are here to support and guide you on your grief healing journey: it doesn't matter how old or how messy your grief is, whether you've tried to heal before, or not, nor are we concerned with how your loved one passed... everyone is welcome. Obviously, our personal story revolves around sibling loss, complicated grief and missing persons, but our RAISE approach to healing provides an inner way of healing and transforming from any grief - whatever the physical circumstances.

You can work with us as part of a community, or circle, within RAISE where you will get limited direct access to us,

OR you can work directly with Hannah on a 1-2-1 basis over a period of time, depending on your needs and desires. To connect directly with Hannah, please book here to arrange a no-obligation 30-minute Zoom call or email to fill in a potential client questionnaire).

Join our RAISE community: The courses and circles listed below have been designed to work cumulatively towards the 'Grief Walk', so you and your loved will be following the exact pathway that Christian and I were shown, and experienced - although we had many more twists and turns as we learnt the hard way; these courses provide you with all the short cuts we wish we'd had!



Communal RAISE 

Join us free within RAISE - our online grief healing community. 

We will be posting timely inspiration in the form of Spirit messages, journalling prompts, ideas and book/film recommendations to introduce you to our RAISE approach to healing grief. 

* interact with other grievers (or not, your choice!)

* a safe space to share your story (if you feel moved)

* find out more about us

* be introduced, very gently, to the realm of Spirit



Emergency Grief Kit

Within RAISE, our first free offering consists of three pre-recorded films and their transcriptions.


You can watch them at your own pace, giving you all the tools, messages and meditations you need to begin your healing journey safely. 

* includes 3 films channelled direct from Spirit by Hannah

* group chat available

* make that first connection with your loved one



'The Finder of Lost Things' Circle

Held within RAISE, the aim of this circle is to inspire and empower you, and have us support you, as you move from fear into trust, healing and transformation.


Based on our "Finder of Lost Things" radio show / podcast, this 8-week event will introduce you to an alternative way of viewing your loss. You will uncover your abilities, harness the power of love and recognise your soul's voice, your guides and supporters and give you a tried-and-trusted way of dealing with barriers and self-doubt. 


* weekly films to inspire & empower 

* weekly 'Finder's Focus' (challenge)

* 7 live Q&A sessions with Hannah

* PDF copy of our book "Lost & Found"

* group chat available

* access to resources, tools, meditations

Begins: Tuesday 17 August 2021

Investment: £550

or 3 instalments of £195/month



Grief Walk 


Following on from 'The Emergency Grief Kit', within RAISE, our 8-week 'flagship' course, guiding and supporting you on your healing journey within a safe and holy space.

You will face your grief, find your truths, heal your grief and move towards your life purpose. The gift of transformation awaits you as you clear grief from your past and rise into your destiny life.


Your loved one(s) will be right with you, as will your personal guides. 

* max of 8 people

* includes two, one hour, 1-2-1 sessions with Hannah during the second and fourth weeks

* course workbook

Next 'Grief Walk'... coming soon.

Investment: £1,500

or 3 instalments of £515/month