Out Now: Lost & Found 


At some point in everyone’s life, we become grief-struck, directionless, broken, down-in-a-hole and/or unable to see a way out.

Experiencing loss or being lost is a universal feeling and I have written this book to help you see a way through the fear and pain, to find healing, regeneration and joy. You are never alone.

I learnt of the existence of 'The 8-Pointed Pathway' 
when my brother, Christian Velten, went missing in Africa in 2003. As I searched for him, I was drawn along this pathway (unwittingly) and, eventually, told of his death in May 2018 - by that time I was ready to hear the truth of his disappearance and have been able to deal with my grief and rebirth our relationship.

In this book, you will learn to: 

* Recognise the fuel of FEAR and the balm of LOVE
* Trust your instincts  

* Listen to your intuition
* Face your fears 

* Ask for support 

* Practise self-care
* Use your creativity 

* Make your own discoveries
* Be patient 

* Be unsure, without panicking
* See blessings, rather than loss 

* Flow with life
* Change your perspective 

* Breathe properly
* Accept situations 

* Heal and grow your relationships 

* Live in the NOW 

* Cope with change

* Expose the truths 


This 110- page book will provide you with a simple trellis to support your healing journey: like holding your hand, but allowing you to find your own answers, in your own time and own way. It is a gentle, uplifting, positive and expansive pathway to follow. 


Click on the book image to see a sample of the book. 

"I will be forever grateful to you for sharing your learning and wisdom via this book. So much you went through - it is hard to imagine. This book provided the understanding, reassurance and direction that I needed when I was in shock, in a state of deep grief and very lost. Thank you." JK

"..it’s both thought provoking and “effortlessly” comforting." ST

"Book is amazing. Felt like intense therapy session." NM

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