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Out Now: Lost & Found 


At some point in everyone’s life, we become grief-struck, directionless, broken, down-in-a-hole and/or unable to see a way out*.

Experiencing loss or being lost is a universal feeling and we have written this book
to inspire, empower and encourage you to raise yourself out of the fear, exhaustion, confusion and pain we associate with loss and being lost. 

I learnt of the existence of 'The 8-Pointed Pathway' when my brother, Christian Velten, went missing in Africa in 2003. As I searched for him, I was drawn along this spiritual pathway (unwittingly): I listened to my own inner guidance, was honest with myself, and realised that by changing how I thought about myself, my brother and my situation, I could heal, grow and be reborn. Eventually, I was told of Christian's death in May 2018 - by that time I was ready to hear the truth of his disappearance and have since been able to deal with my grief and rebirth our relationship.

In this book, you will learn to: 

* Recognise the fuel of FEAR and the balm of LOVE
* Trust your instincts  

* Listen to your intuition
* Face your fears 

* Ask for support 

* Practise self-care
* Use your creativity 

* Make your own discoveries
* Be patient 

* Be unsure, without panicking
* See blessings, rather than loss 

* Flow with life
* Change your perspective 

* Breathe properly
* Accept situations 

* Heal and grow your relationships 

* Live in the NOW 

* Cope with change

* Expose the truths 


This 110-page bestselling paperback book will provide you with a simple trellis to support your healing journey: like holding your hand, but allowing you to find your own answers, in your own time and own way. It is a gentle, uplifting, positive and expansive pathway to follow. Richly illustrated with photographs and illustrations, LOST & FOUND is a small book packing a huge punch of love (click on the book image above to see a preview). Also containing 13 reproductions of hand-written Spirit messages received by Hannah during the writing of LOST & FOUND.


* This book is suitable for the bereaved, the estranged, those going through a relationship breakdown; those lost in the transitions caused by retirement, redundancy, illness, bankruptcy and caring; those unsure of where to go next; those struggling through life and those just fed up with living in fear and pain. 

Lost & Found costs £7.99, plus p&p 


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