Loss Is An Illusion:

Travels With My 'Dead' Brother, Christian

On this page, you'll find films and transcripts (click on the video titles) of live videos, recorded on the 'Lost & Found: Exploring with Christian Velten' community Facebook page.


You'll hear and see me, Hannah, and through my voice and body you'll hear and see my dead brother, Christian. I never knew what was going to happen when I started these live trance mediumship sessions... there were always surprise guests!

To get the full experience, please start from the beginning. I also suggest, if you have a loved one in Spirit, that you would gain most comfort from watching videos #1, #2, #3 and #7 (or reading the transcripts). The live videos are peppered with loving, healing and supportive guidance to help you if you're going through grief and trauma.


I need to warn you that videos #4, #5, & #6 contain adult content. In these films, I travelled back with Christian to Africa where he was on a solo expedition in 2003, retracing the footsteps of Mungo Park, the 18th century Scottish explorer.


I already knew that Christian had been killed, obviously, but this was a real-life thriller and crime being played out. It might be easier to read those transcripts, rather than watch the films.

It certainly wasn't an easy journey to make, but I knew these films would provide closure for me, and Christian: telling the whole story would clear the past, provide us all with lessons and stop future generations feeling the urge to find out what happened to Christian. I was also able to forgive his killer.

The only thing(s) outstanding are the camera cards Christian had stolen. They are in Kita, Mali. Someone retrieves them for me... is it you? 

"I can see there are tears in lots of people’s eyes here. You have to also know that when Hannah and I are together, it creates a big community in Spirit and the physical. It’s like we collect a lot of people together. It’s a very powerful place to be. It’s a very healing place to be. It’s a very loving place to be.

Don’t be scared if you start to feel warmth in your body. Just relax into that warmth, and welcome it. Some of you might be feeling chills. Some of you might be feeling like a blanket has been put round your shoulders. Hannah is feeling cold at the moment.

Just relax into the warmth, or whatever feeling you’ve got."


Christian's words taken from #1 - Christian takes centre stage

"My hope is that all those who need support through loss, however long ago it was, finds some peace through these videos and through Hannah’s words, and our words.

Always know that Spirit is there unconditionally for you: ready to offer guidance, support, loving embraces. All you need to do is ask.

But that connection, in your heart, that unconditional love is the way to have the connection that Hannah and I have. Everyone can do it. It’s hard work to be able to have unconditional love in your hearts, but it’s the best way to live, and BE, and DO.

Love is all you need."

Christian's words taken from #1 - Christian takes centre stage

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