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COVID19 Spirit Advice

A few days ago, I was restless and tetchy... a sure sign that there was a message for me to 'download' from Spirit. I'd been juggling home schooling, lockdown and technology issues and hadn't made time to sit quietly and meditate, but, when I was forced to, four pages worth of messages were passed on by a group of 'souls and spirit guides'.

If you're reading these words, your guides / loved ones were part of the collective.

After I'd finished guided writing, I was thanked 'for listening' and told there were plenty more messages for another time.

So, the first two pages are about living through these difficult times and the important of trying not to fight against what's happening in your life and surrendering, if you can... by surrendering you will find guidance and comfort.

The next page was in answer to a question about handling grief in these times when the 'grief rule book' is being torn up... as usual, your loved ones are trying to comfort you.

Finally, there was advice for using these times of self-isolation and COVID19 lockdown for self-reflection and empowerment, with the focus on helping others and seeing what's missing...

These are strange times, but life's what you make it...

Stay safe and well. And if you are dealing with grief and loss, you're very welcome to come into our online community, RAISE (the link takes you to our landing page, so you can see if it feels a safe and inviting space for you... oh, and you'll also get a massive nudge from Spirit if you ask, "Is RAISE the place for me?".



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