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I kid you not... RAISE

So, I'm messing about creating rough ideas for a new logo. I'm in the process of creating a new community hub which will feature daily messages from Spirit. My husband is the designer, but I wanted to do a mock-up of what I was after.

The 'RAISE' is my brother's artwork: it's his favourite word. To raise up. To lift up.

The eagle is how my brother and I rise up, to look at life from a different perspective. To see a new horizon. To look at problems from above. To travel across time and space.

The blue and orange background relates to my business logo.

The image on the left is what I threw together.

The image on the right is what actually printed out of our printer!

And, I'm really pleased with it. I might have to adjust the pinks to blues, but I love the effect. Christian's obviously playing his role in the design process. Electronics provide the perfect way to disrupt proceedings ;)

I've just noticed, too, that the sun's rays are mimicking the four main directions on the Native American Medicine Wheel - our spiritual pathway. So loving the harmony which is around me as I step into the limelight.


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