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Daily Tarot Challenge

A relaxing & fun-filled day, with moments of Spirit intervention, followed from these cards. (My interpretation of these cards is very personal and may differ from ‘official’ meanings, btw!)

I’ve got into the habit of dealing 3 tarot cards in the morning.

1) The Centre card – the main archetype for the day; what I need to know or watch out for or expect. 2) The Left card – my inner/Spirit world for the day. 3) The Right card – my outer actions/direction for the day.

Sometimes I don’t know their significant until I reflect on the day, but the cards always help/support/advise.

I tried this 3-card reading for a week, at the beginning of this year, and it was a revelation. Initially, I had no idea what the cards were telling me, but within a few days, I was intuitively picking up details within the cards which ‘spoke’ to me. The cards I use on a daily basis are my beloved Animal Totem cards which have a gentle energy and are perfect, I think, for those new to tarot.

Tarot isn’t fortune telling, really. The cards and their placement (ie, centre, left and right) give a snapshot of what’s going on within you; tapping into your unconscious knowing, your higher self. The cards are there to give you support as you move through life.

I would really recommend, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the Tarot waters, to try this 3-card reading daily, for a week. It might just change your life!


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