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Last messages of 2018 to deliver...

My brother, Christian, had a quick death. Unconscious, drowned.

He's surrounded in Spirit by others who died in a similar way: sudden, quick, traumatic and/or unconscious.

It seems that he's a gatekeeper for those who want to try and reach their loved ones. He's very proud of the fact that I, his sister, is a medium or Spirit messenger. He has introduced me to numerous spirits.

Sometimes things happen (like our mulberry tree falling down) which bring me in contact with certain people and families who have loved ones with Christian. Sometimes I just meet people, and, boom, their loved one is with me. Sometimes people approach me to reach their loved one. Either way, those in Spirit manipulate events to bring about my connection with the ones they want to reach.

If you're reading this blog post, how did you find it, I wonder? Did you come here by chance, or were you guided? ;)

My role as a Spirit messenger is, essentially, to pass on that loss is an illusion, and that 'dead' loved ones are very much 'alive' but in another dimension. Often I will be given specific phrases to say, shown objects to describe, given feelings to share, visually shown details of their deaths and, finally, and most importantly, asked to pass on advice and loving support to those grieving.

But the other role I have is to show, through the continuous relationship I have with Christian, that anyone can interact with Spirit. I regularly do live Facebook videos with my brother and he's always popping in to my daily life - most recently, sending me a Christmas present. But how to connect with your loved one is a whole other blog...

In the meantime, I had two spirits visit me last night with messages to pass on. Christian introduced them to me as Andrew and Jeremy...

Andrew: he told me that no one mentions his name, or knows how to talk about him. He showed me him walking down steps, through a tunnel, to the water. It was tranquil and peaceful. There was no fear there. It was a suicide. His message: 'The river flows red in Mississippi, Ohio.'

Jeremy: he was young. His was not a recent death. He showed me a teddy bear - Teddy Weddy Baa. He said the 'bear' as 'baa' (very emphasised). I was also shown a metallic, chunky silver heart, like on a key ring.

If either of these spirits are known to you, be sure that my brother is with them. They are at peace, being looked after and are whole, again.

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