Do you have a seemingly unhealable grief wound? 


Do you wish you'd been able to mend bridges, or explain, or apologise, or ask questions? 


Are you searching for someone or for the truth? 

Do you remain stuck, despite repeated attempts to live again after loss?

I was in the same situation when my brother, Christian, went missing in Africa in 2003. It took 16 years for me to strengthen myself to face the revelation of his death, retrieve his energy, heal our relationship and have all the truths laid bare. 


I'm now fully healed (as is Christian) and answering my true calling:

  • to find and reunite the lost, triggering healing and growth, 

  • to pass on truths, apologies, explanations and love, 

  • to help grievers find their own way through grief, based on the lessons we've learnt and the messages I receive from Spirit,

  • to tell our story openly to show it's possible to reach the depths of grief and return joyous. 


Christian and I work together and our relationship is stronger than ever. The impossible is possible!

What I do... 

It's difficult to describe what I do exactly, but I'm a writer, trance medium, Spirit messenger and energy manipulator. I've been gifted the title of 'Death Queen' by my brother and those in Spirit who I've worked intensely with over the last four years. I'm now ready to offer my services and tell my story. 


I would like to show you that...  

Loss is just an illusion; you have not been abandoned,

Unconditional love is all you need to fully connect with the ‘dead’, 

Despite physical circumstances, you can heal any loss, and,

You can find all the answers you need in the non-physical world, 

You have the power, ability and knowledge within you to heal grief. 

How you can work with me... 


Grief is unique to each person, depending on many factors, including the circumstances of death and the relationship to the 'dead'. There's no one prescription I can offer, but with a mix of mediumship, energy work, tarot readings and guided writing, I can:

Help you face your grief. 

Reconnect you with your ‘dead’. 

Heal in both worlds (the physical and non-physical). 

Then, when you’re both ready, help truth and clarity emerge. 

Private meetings available, online via Zoom, or in-person: £60/session (tarot), £90/session (tarot/mediumship) or £120/session (full mediumship). Sessions usually last around an hour and one session is enough. 


Other options include our (no cost) RAISE community and our LOST & FOUND book (see side/below). Also see our films under the 'Loss is an Illusion' tab.

I can also write about my story (online or in print).

And I can talk about my story (online or in-person).



Are you being called to get in touch with me?

Listen to your instincts and make that first step by filling in the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you, wherever you are around the globe. 

The Emergency Grief Kit
Three films for the newly bereaved, those struggling with grief and those being triggered to begin their healing journey. 

Lost & Found:

Our first book is now available in paperback. The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss. The lessons we learnt, to help you find your way forwards.


Loss Is An Illusion:

I've created a series of live videos with my brother, Christian. We have retraced his final steps in Mali, Africa, where he went missing in 2003. These videos mark the closure of his story, ending 16 years of trauma. We have recorded them to show that loss is an illusion. They contain messages for those who are grieving and many life lessons for us all. 

Raise 1.png


Our online grief community - Christian and I, and a whole host of others, will be there to encourage, inspire and support you as you rise out of grief, fear and pain. The goal is to give you the wings to heal yourself and grow into your full potential, with your loved one right with you. Have a look around and see if it might be the home for you...  

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a.k.a. 'Death Queen'


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