Tarot Readings

Feeling stuck or lost?


I offer remote and 1-2-1 tarot readings. Tarot has been a cornerstone in my healing and I have received all sorts of loving messages and advice from the cards. Tarot is nothing to be scared of and I truly believe the cards reflect the truth of a situation and your true thoughts and emotions. 


The dealt cards will reveal your current position, what issues you need to look at, how you can move forwards and the possible outcome if you act on Spirit guidance. Often Spirit will give me personal messages to pass on, too. 

10-card readings These will reveal the main issue in your life at present, and provide you with guidance on how to proceed.


Please don't expect your fortune to be told, but rather truths will be revealed and emotions will be laid bare.


These readings are designed to empower you to move forwards with confidence. What you do NOW creates your future.


They often won't provide sugar-coated words - they can be frank. Your best life is calling you, and these readings from Spirit will point you in the right direction. 

Priced at £60


Quick-Hit readings: These are available via email, only. They will be precise messages for you, which I pass on. They may give you reassurance, they may give you advance notice, they may give you guidance. They are especially for YOU, to know NOW. 

Priced at £15


If you are interested in organising a reading, please email me

In the case of remote readings, I don't need to know anything about you, apart from your name and email address. Spirit knows who you are and what you need!

You will receive an audio file of me doing your reading, via email.