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Why you don't need to grieve...

Out of the mouth of Spirit (via me!)... why you don't need to grieve the 'loss' of a loved one:

"WE ARE HERE! Don't think we’re gone. Don't think we're in the past. We’re here with you now. And that's the message we want Hannah to give. WE ARE HERE! We can see you all.

We can touch you all in many different ways. It might be a glancing breeze, it might be the feeling of a hug, it might be the feeling of a touch, it might be in the choice of song, it might be in the light you suddenly notice, it might be in repeating numbers that you see...

It's all very personal. It might be something tiny, and seemingly insignificant, but if you think of the person AS you see something, as you feel something, as you hear something, know it is from them in Spirit.

We also visit you as birds. If you notice a bird, in particular, it is one of us. Birds reflect our sense of freedom, in Spirit. We’re so free up here, nothing binds us. We are free, whole and no one should worry about us.


Know that even the very young who have passed into Spirit, they are not young any more.

We return to our soul selfs. So they are not young, innocent and at risk. They are not helpless. They return to their soul self and become whole again. There is no need to worry about loved ones who pass over. Spirit is a place of unconditional love. It is a cradle where we are all happy to be, at peace.


We are more concerned with you in the physical and how you grieve. How hard and how long you grieve, and worry about us in spirit.

We worry more about you, in the physical. We worry that you do not look after yourself in grief. You do not eat properly. You do not sleep properly.


You disrespect us by making yourself ill. There is no need to make yourself ill. We would much prefer it, if you could gather yourselves together, pick yourself up and live your life to the full, with us right by your side and within your heart.

Do not waste your life mourning for us. We are right here with you. The relationship continues. Get on with your life and ask us for help and we will give you all the guidance, love and support you need, but you must open to us.

You must focus on us. You must light the candle. You must say the prayer. You must do whatever you need to do, whatever little ritual you need to play out, to feel close to us – please do this and then, open yourself to us.

Don't live in the past, we are no longer there. It is just your memories.

Please don't turn away from others.

Turn away from that darkness into the light – we are here. You can have a relationship with us now. We’re all still here in your lives. It’s a present relationship.



Grieving keeps you chained, to the spot. It keeps you from moving forward. The path that lies ahead of you is hidden from view. Those in Spirit look down and wish that you would lose the chains. They want you to release the chains of grief and heaviness and loss, and connect with them to the path ahead. They can help you sweep and discover the path. Walk into the light, again.

Nobody should stay in the dark. It's a waste of life. What do you learn from sitting in the dark? The lesson is not to sit in the dark, alone, scared, disconnected from everybody. This is not the state you should be in.

The people in your life who reach out to you to help, they’re connected to someone in Spirit who’s helping you. You need to work with others to create beauty, and light, and love. Through these connections you make with people, the heart starts to come back to life.


The way forward is where your loved ones [and your soul self] want you to go. They are beckoning you, waiting patiently for you. They want you to come out of your darkness. It hurts them to see you in grief.

Be the magpie. See the signs. Take hold of the hands being offered to you.

Move into your light. The light is where you should be. Where your true self, worth and being is. If everybody in the world stood in their light, there would be no divisions, there would be no greed, no barriers between people.

We all have multiple lives and each life we grow and learn lessons as we evolve and rise. Difficulties in life are there to be learnt from. They’re opportunities for growth. The death of a loved one, which we will all experience, is a universal chance to find our inner strength and become who we are truly meant to be."


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