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Who Wants Linoleum When You Can Have Carpet?!

So, it’s just a picture of a carpet (and not even a well-laid one!)… but this my lovelies is an example of pushing to get something you think you need/want, when actually something better is waiting for you… something better than you’d imagined.

I thought I wanted some lino for my summer writing shed, to make it more comfy. I went to the local suppliers of lino off-cuts in town: one wanted £70 for lino, the other offered me cut-offs but I had to go to their warehouse and rummage around in the skip. I did go to rummage, twice, but the skip was massive and had to get a ladder to look in, and then the promised lino wasn’t there… humph!

So, I let the lino dream go. Concrete flooring was accepted.

Then, annoyingly, carpets layers from the £70 off-cut lino establishment blocked our drive last week to lay carpets in the house opposite. BUT there were some off-cuts of brand new carpet lying on the pavement.

“What are you doing with those off-cuts?” I asked. “Going in the skip.” “Seeing as you’ve blocked my drive,” (I was walking back down the road with my shopping) may I take those?” I enquired, cheekily pointing out the two rolls of pristine carpet. “Yeah, sure.”

So, carpet was duly cut up and taped together. And very cosy it is on my bare feet.

And just think I was chasing after lino…!

A thinly disguised metaphor for life, in general, I think.


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