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Welcome To 'Spirit Messenger Blog'

Welcome to our blog… it’s a blog with a difference.

Free your mind.

Open your senses.

Leave your fears at the threshold.

Step into love.

I, Hannah Velten, am a writer and the ‘Spirit Messenger’.

My brother, Christian Velten, is in Spirit having been murdered in Mali, Africa in April 2003. He was missing for 15 years, presumed dead, but I resumed the search for him in 2016 because I started to communicate with him in dreams, visions and meditations: he always told me he was coming home.

To cut a very long story short, I rediscovered my abilities as a medium/hedgewitch and, finally, in May 2018, Christian and I realised that he was actually dead. It was a massive shock – for us both. He told me, via guided writing, that he’d been drowned, but was unconscious so never experienced his own death. He’d been in limbo for the 15 years.

Now we work together to spread messages of love, trust and faith. The first thing we created was an ebook, free to download, which outlines the 8-pointed pathway which I used to heal and grow after loss. I was guided along this pathway over the course several years, without knowing it.

As of writing, on 23rd January 2019, Christian and I have just finished travelling together to retrace his final steps in Mali. It was an experience I will never forget: the culmination of 16 years of trauma. Over four sessions, recorded live on Facebook*, the truths of Christian’s last few weeks were revealed to me. I became Christian, aged 27, and felt, heard and saw things he experienced: it was shocking, healing and comforting in equal measure. The films, the audio files and the transcripts can all be found on my website.

Our mission is now to spread the message that loss is just an illusion. It is our legacy. It is our path. It is our purpose.

This blog is a collection of:

+ loving messages I receive from Spirit, not just Christian,

+ musings on being a Spirit Messenger,

+ my personal beliefs,

+ how I use Nature as a guide,

+ our latest news and events.

If you would like to contribute a post to this blog which furthers the general theme of 'loss is just an illusion', please do get in touch with me at

* The Facebook community (@searchforchrisvelten) is now archived – it’s purpose served.


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