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There's Love In Everything

I reckon (free-writing here) that there's love in everything and everyone, but sometimes things get bogged down and clouded (especially on dull Mondays!)... but just creating a connection with someone can bring the sunshine.

Whenever you see something that makes you think of someone else, tell them. Whenever you hear a song that makes you think of someone, tell them.

Why do you get these little hints? It's because of love. A loving connection. A loving energy. A loving God/Source/Universe, which is always there giving you the direction.

It's up to you what you do with those directions. Do you ignore them? Do you shut them out, with drink and drugs? Do you develop other ways to shut the niggles out?

What's the point of doing that? You'll have to learn the lessons sometime - why not start listening to those prompts you get and spread some loving creations and connections.


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