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The Emergency Grief Kit

With the festive season nearly upon us, grief really rears its head. And because of this - and I remember only too well the heightened sadness and longing over the holidays - I've channelled 'The Emergency Grief Kit' for those newly bereaved, those struggling with their grief and those who are being called to begin their healing journey.

The tools, messages and meditations included in these three films have been gifted by a very strong, yet gentle, creative masculine energy (not my brother, Christian) and a whole army of spirits were overjoyed that these films were made.

Your loved ones want you to look after yourself in grief. They want you to connect with them. They want you to realise, and experience, the power, love and knowledge within yourself which knows how to heal grief. They are right by your side and can't wait to guide you and help you heal and grow - their death is a trigger... please don't hide away from exploring the gift they leave behind for you to open.

The films can be viewed for free here:

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