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Life Spring Clean - with Tarot

It’s that time of year when a tarot reading can be just what you need to Spring Clean your life... but what is a tarot reading, and what does it involve?

Here are answers to some of the questions I get asked...

What is The Tarot? The 78 cards which make up a full tarot deck are divided into the Major Arcana cards and the Minor Arcana cards. Within the tarot, it’s said that every possible human condition is covered; the cards tell the story of our lives. The 22 Major cards cover the main life and spiritual lessons we face (such as love, balance, challenges, etc) and the 56 Minor cards reflect the trials and tribulations we experience daily. Within the Minor cards are 16 different personality characteristics which we, or others in our lives, express and 40 numbered cards are organised into 4 suits which reflect different themes we encounter in our daily lives:

Wands: energy, motivation and passion (life purpose, spirituality and new ideas) Cups: emotions, feelings, intuition and creativity (relationships and emotional connection with yourself and others) Swords: thoughts, action, words (communicating your ideas, making decisions and asserting yourself) Pentacles: finances, work and physical possessions (career and financial wealth)

The tarot deck is a tool to show us the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life. It’s like holding a mirror up to yourself so you can access your subconscious mind.

Tarot cuts through all the gunk to show you what really matters.

What is a tarot reading? It might be easier to tell you what a tarot reading isn’t. It won’t tell you your future (although your potential will be revealed). It won’t warn you of impending doom. It won’t frighten you. It’s not the Devil’s work. It won’t make you want to throw in your job or make rash decisions. It won’t tell me (as the reader) your darkest, and deepest, desires so you’re embarrassed. The ‘Death’ card doesn’t mean someone will die... it usually means the ending of a situation and taking forward the lessons learnt.

I have no particular questions to ask or challenges I’m facing, so how might tarot help me? Tarot is excellent for exposing things you aren’t aware of (or what you deny seeing): your relationships, your dreams, your opportunities and your perspective.

If life is a little dull, tarot will help to open your eyes to the magic and miracles which are around you.

What happens during a tarot reading? If we are face-to-face, I will shuffle the cards and take a moment to calm my mind and tune into the guidance I’m given, alongside the cards. At this point, I’ll often be given a message to give to you straight away, which I will usually write down.

How I deal the cards will depend on what reading we’ve decided on. Often a general reading is best as it will show you what main issue surrounds you - it might not be what you think!

The cards are dealt out in a precise order and each card represents a certain aspect, for example, one card will denote the past, another will denote how others view you, another will show you the potential outcome to a situation, etc. I will then tell you what the cards mean for you, and give you all the information I receive intuitively, which can be things I feel physically, words I hear and images I’m shown.

You can record the session on paper or on your phone if you like, so you don’t miss any of the messages as some can be subtle and some might not make sense until later.

Where does the guidance and information come from? Most often I will be connecting with one of your personal guides, someone known to you or your soul self (Higher Self). Often I’m not given specific information about the guide unless there is particular relevance for you. All guidance comes from Spirit - from the non-physical.

All of the guidance is based in love, so the only messages to come through are supportive, calming and empowering. Spirit wants you to be living your life to your full potential; they only want what’s best for you and the messages will often be surprising and sometimes hidden truths will be revealed. The best guide for you will come forwards - if you need a push, it will be given; if you need a gentle prod, it will be given.

You will often find that after a reading, surprising events will happen in your life and/or opportunities will appear. The tarot reading is just the start.

Readings really are life-changing and I have plenty of people I’ve read for who will vouch for that!

How often should I have a tarot reading? 6 months is ideal as much of the information in the readings is for long-term use. You are not supposed to become dependent on tarot guidance; you have free-will and are totally capable of receiving the guidance yourself over time.

Tarot should be used as a prompt so you can see your life in a new perspective and make changes NOW, which will influence your future.

What’s the difference between a face-to-face tarot reading and a remote reading?

Face-to-face is a more intimate and possibly emotional experience and you will be able to ask for clarity on any information in real time. It also requires you to visit my home in East Sussex; sessions last an hour.

You can be anywhere in the world to receive a remote reading. All I need to know is your full name and your email address - it’s that simple. It surprised me, too, to know that tarot and spirit guidance can be done this way - but it’s been proved to me over and over, again. Email messages cost a little more, because of the admin involved with sending images and audio files via Dropbox. I will briefly give you clarity on the reading, if needed.

Who will I read for? I’ll read for anyone who Spirit has messages for, and I might be told not to read for certain people. You must be over 18, though. I take my work very seriously; respect for those in the physical and non-physical is paramount. Equally, Spirit knows when they, and I, are being tested.

Do I have to have a full reading (10 cards or more)? If you would like a shorter 3-card reading, that’s fine. Most often you will ask these short readings to be about a specific issue in your life.

How do I go about booking a reading? Please visit my website for more details.

If you have any other questions, please contact me through my home page.


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