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Grieving keeps you chained, to the spot

Message from Spirit:

Grieving keeps you chained, to the spot. It keeps you from moving forward. Those in Spirit want you to release the chains of grief and heaviness and loss, and connect with them to the path ahead. They can show you the path ahead and help you sweep and discover the path. Walk into the light again. + They’d much prefer to see you in the light, than sitting in the dark. Nobody should stay in the dark. It’s a waste of a life. What do you learn from sitting in the dark? The lesson is not to sit in the dark, alone, scared, disconnected from everybody... This is not the state you should be in. + You need to work with others to create beauty, and light and love... through those connections you make with people, the heart turns red and is fully pumping. + It’s okay to move forward in life, and leave your grief behind. The way forward is where your spirit [your higher self] wants you to go. They [in Spirit] are ahead of you, there, waiting for you. They want you to come out of your [self-imposed] darkness. It hurts them to see you there in the darkness. + Be the magpie. See the signs. Take hold of the hands being offered to you... move into your light. + The light is where you should be. Where your true self, worth and being is.




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