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'Grief Walk' - The Course: Introduction

This afternoon I channelled Spirit to find out what was next on the agenda for me (I always like to know what I'm going to be doing - even if it's only a little guidance!)

Here's what I received... it will be another free resource for you all.


“Everything you hear now will be channelled by Hannah Velten [that’s me!] We’re intending to download a course which will sit within RAISE.

RAISE is an online grief platform which will hold a community of people who are searching for a way to heal their grief.

The 'Emergency Grief Kit’ we've already downloaded is free and accessible to all within RAISE. This gives you the grounding, the information and knowledge, and the tools that you need to be able to strengthen yourself, gather your resources and become open enough to begin your ‘Grief Walk’.

What is a ‘Grief Walk’? It’s a way of retracing your steps to the point where grief began. It's a safe and holy way of healing yourself.

Grief sits in the body, in the mind and the emotions. Grief gets stuck in the human body. It's necessary to release this grief and Hannah and Christian, through their traumatic 17-year journey, have been guided by us on their own ‘Grief Walk’, to find healing beyond the physical.

In Hannah's case, she had to move from the physical into the non-physical realm to heal a grief which was so deep, heavy and seemingly impossible to heal. She had to move to the realm outside the physical, because she was allowed no closure. No answers. No truth. No body.

And even though she searched and fought long and hard to find closure and solace and peace in the physical, she was not able to find it. There were brick walls everywhere she turned. She was exhausted.

She could fight no longer and, at that point, she turned to face the sun, the warmth and the support which lies outside the physical world - a world that's beyond the senses, beyond physical time, beyond physical space. This was the only way for Hannah to find closure and peace and rise above the grief which she couldn't shake.

Hannah’s ‘Grief Walk’, and the story she has to tell, will either frighten you or inspire you. It's unlikely there will be a reaction in between! If you're frightened by what you hear - what she tells you, what’s revealed - that's okay. Hannah is not a natural convert to the non-physical world; it frightened her hugely, but she knew it was the only way she would ever find her brother, find the truth of his disappearance and his death. It was the only way she would find peace.

And through her finding peace, she’s bravely and courageously now sharing the walk she undertook. The walk she undertook will not resemble the walk anyone else will take.

Everyone else's grief is different. It's unlikely to be as deep, as raw and as long-standing a grief as Hannah has faced, but underlying every grief are similar emotions, similar thoughts - mainly the thought of being abandoned.

Hannah now faces probably the greatest journey of her life as she walks with Christian and shares their story. Grief makes you selfish and, for 17 years, Hannah has had to make the difficult decision (in many ways) to be defensive, to find the time and space to carve a safe place for her to journey and find closure. By necessity, she's had to rely on very few people to help her. She's had to look inward to herself for all the tools, the power, the knowledge, the love… to find her way and do her own ‘Grief Walk’. But the time has come when she is re-emerging to walk among you. Her focus has now moves outwards and she can see the grief and fear that she was once blind to.

With Christian as her ‘project manager’ [small chuckle], they’re now going to move out, shining their own sun/beacon, telling their story, attracting you if you have the space and time opening up for you to heal.

Do take this opportunity if something about their story hits you in the heart, in the guts, in the head, if you feel shivers of recognition, if you feel warmth/a glow reaching you.

Don’t be scared of looking at an old grief wound. It’s safe, and healing it properly is the way to move forward in life.

The ‘Grief Walk’ that Hannah will offer within RAISE will be a course - a series of steps, a series of directions, a series of tools - which will help you look at your own grief in a safe and holy way.

The only thing you will need to do is listen, be open and then take steps.

You will need to work, but that doesn't mean you need to fight and strive for healing to occur. Quite the opposite, as Hannah found out when she was fighting and striving to find Christian in the physical. She found him when she accepted what had happened, accepted the situation, accepted she couldn't change things and she surrendered.

She surrendered to the unknown. She surrendered to love over fear. There is no other way to heal grief, except with love, openness, release. It does require time and space - being selfish is a necessity (for a while, not always!)

When you have healed fully like Hannah, however long that takes, you will naturally release your grief and turn from inner work to outer work. Your healing will affect not just yourself but your family, your friends, your community.

Know that in healing grief, you will heal many others around you. This is what Hannah and Christian are now going to undertake. It will be the journey of a lifetime - one which will spread the sunshine and joy around the world.

‘Grief Walk’ is free to join. All you need is a commitment and the willingness to listen and to surrender to love.


Head over to RAISE now, and the 'Emergency Grief Kit' (find within 'Courses'), to begin strengthening and opening yourself for your own healing 'Grief Walk'.


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