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Fearful of Mediumship? Spirit communication = Love

You might think that I’ve always been a medium, always been comfortable with the work I do, always had complete faith in what I channel... well, you’d be wrong in making those assumptions.

I was once as fearful as you.

Anyone who said they spoke with dead people scared the bejesus out of me. Any mention of ghosts, ouija boards or horror movies I ran a mile from. It was all frightening, unknown, full of evil spirits, etc...

But then I actually experienced Spirit, very gradually and when I was ready. I had no option to continue ignoring (or denying) the signs and the triggers I was being sent. My acknowledgement that I just HAD TO allow Spirit into my life was a surrender - I had no other way to reach my brother, Christian... and that was my heart’s desire: to find my brother and to rekindle our bond.


Recently, a lady approached me about connecting with her own brother- in-Spirit, but she wanted to talk to me first about some concerns. After our phone conversation, we thought it would be helpful if I could answer her list of fears publicly because, let’s face it, her fears were also once my fears and will be yours, too!

1) I’m fearful of trying something out of the ordinary - Yes, socially and culturally we’re not generally open to the idea of connecting with the ‘dead’, for the reasons I’ve outlined above. When I started publicly talking about what Christian and I had been doing (freely communicating), it produced a sh*tstorm of negative and fearful reactions in those close to us. BUT... and this is a big BUT... the more I talked, and wrote, explaining what we were discussing and the information I was receiving, people began to relax. They could see I was healing and our sibling relationship was just the same - even better, actually - and this allayed other’s concerns. My healing also allowed others to find their own healing pathway.

2) Is there a risk of it being a negative experience from the person on the other side? - Since finding Christian, he’s brought many more spirits to my attention who are wanting to connect with their loved ones. Without exception, those spirits are all in ‘a cradle of love’ and are at peace... the only thing they want to send you is love, support and truths which will allow you to heal. Generally, the spirits who surround Christian have had a similar ‘end’ to him: sudden, traumatic and/or suicides, while other spirits who surround my other relatives-in-Spirit are concerned with righting wrongs, mending relationships and empowering those left grieving. They all come with love - they have had their ‘life reviews’ and they are fully aware of what their actions have meant to others.

3) Will the channelling/altered state part be scary? You may have watched the early films I made with Christian within the ‘Loss is an Illusion’ section on my website... in these I have my eyes closed when I speak with Spirit and channel my brother. I admit that this may look disconcerting, but no-one who has had a session with me (or seen me in action online) has come away feeling unnerved and frightened (they usually come in trepidation, though - which is perfectly natural). Generally I will close my eyes when in full flow, but as the connection is made and the energies gather I will be just me (which, by the way, is totally approachable). Spirits will come in a form appropriate to you / the audience - in terms of their ‘appearance’, the tone of voice they use and the messages they bring. I also do these sessions in a lovely, warm, comfortable and bright room within my house - there’s nothing ‘woo-woo’ about it - and the channelling part of the session comes in gradually after doing some tarot cards and me giving you general impressions that arise within me. It’s a gentle process, not ‘scary’ at all.

4) Not wanting to be ‘the keeper of secrets’ – how do I tell my family/ friends? Ah, yes, I have experience of this myself, as discussed, when all of Christian’s words, and the truth of his death, had to be shared. Firstly, I had to share with our parents and Christian’s best friends - everyone reacted differently, but by that time I was sure that it was right to tell them and that they were all ready and able to handle the truths. I did flounder around, thinking about how to prepare them for the news, but actually when it came to it, what they learnt allowed them (gradually) to heal. Secondly, I had to share with the online community - and my supporters - who’d helped with the search for my brother and kept me going when times were really bleak... that’s when the most extreme reactions came back at me, but I now see that people were triggered by their own fears. Christian and I were, and continue to be, triggers for people to face their own grief... it is not up to us how people then move forwards (if they move at all), but we hope they will turn to us for love, support and guidance.

5) It’s not something you can go back from - you can’t unknow something of this potential magnitude once it’s happened! Quite right. But truths, explanations and information will be passed on which you need to hear to help you heal and grow. You will also only receive what you can cope with and the information will be presented in a way that isn’t triggering... also, bear in mind, that you really won’t be told anything you don’t already know deep, deep down. I have worked tirelessly to make sure that the channel I have with Spirit is pure and true. I protect it. I maintain it. I spring-clean it regularly. I have complete trust that no untoward influences can impinge... the messages I pass on are from the highest guides and your loved ones. (Believe me when I say, I have experienced the ‘untoward influences’ and know when fear/ego is around.)

6) Will I want to return to see the medium / you too many times? No... because I won’t let you. I was under the thrall of a medium early on in my search for Christian and it was the least healthy thing I could have done (mentally, energetically and emotionally). It actually sent me into my ‘dark night of the soul’, but that was, of course, the purpose of his input! I learnt my lesson. You will be empowered by my sessions - usually it’s one or at the most two - to move forwards, connected with your loved one. RAISE*, our free online community, is there to help you further along the healing path, with numerous resources on offer and a supportive community on hand... that includes Christian and myself.

I hope that helps to answer some of the concerns you may have. If you have any others, do drop me an email ( and I’ll add the replies to this document. x

Created 16 March 2020. For the foreseeable future (and yes, I'm not a psychic medium, so have no idea how long coronavirus will limit social contact!), sessions with me will be via Zoom rather than in-person at my house. On the plus side, this means that you can be anywhere in the world to work with me and Spirit...


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