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Death Queen

My new journal is dark green and has a running stag on the front. It will be titled 'Death Queen' and I'm beginning it today - 07.07.19

'Death Queen' is a title which I've... finally... accepted. Today. On my brother's 44th birthday. Christian may be in spirit, but he's very much with me. He’s delighted I've finally become my true self, as he knows what's going to happen when I truly align with what this means. I've earned the title, he tells me.

I wrote the following with him, yesterday, as he helped to remind me what I've achieved in the last four years, since his 40th birthday celebrations.

"I’ve denied grief. I’ve fought against grief. I’ve been split open by grief. I’ve accepted grief. I’ve faced grief. I’ve explored grief. I’ve released grief. I’m grief-free.

I’ve seen death. I’ve understood death. I’ve passed on love after death. I’ve f*cking bossed this Spirit Messenger role. I’ve moved and retrieved energy after death. I’ve healed myself and others. I know it [death]. I’ve explored it. I’ve lived through it, and beyond it.

I’m here to release fear, grief and disillusionment. Trauma release. Remove fear around death, grief and dying. I can find and return the lost pieces. I can reveal the truths.

Offer your services and tell your story.

Energy is key.

Spirit communication is key."

With this in mind, I'm now going to turn away from tarot readings and face the real job I've come to do.

My website will be changed to reflect my new focus on death, grief and dying.

I'm now yet sure how I will be offering my services or telling my story, but all will be revealed at the right time.

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Oct 09, 2021

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