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RAISE: healing grief during COVID19

I was thinking yesterday, "What can I offer people to help them through these strange times of COVID19?" Then it struck me. For the past few months, I've been creating the perfect set of free-to-access resources, without knowing it.

It seems that the content in RAISE - our online grief community - is going to be more needed by people than I ever imagined. This is our community mission:

RAISE is an online community bringing together grievers who are seeking a loving (and spiritual) way to transform the pain of grief, so that we can inspire and empower each other to rise, reconnect with our 'dead' loved ones, heal and rebirth into a purposeful and joyful life. 

Back in November 2018, Christian told me that we would be 'healing and transforming grief in the world', and I could never see how that would happen.

Even when we created the "Emergency Grief Kit" and "Grief Walk" courses in the last months, COVID1919 wasn't even on my radar, but, very obviously, Spirit was channelling downloads to me in advance, to help those find a healthy and loving way to grieve during the 'unnatural times' ahead. 

Yesterday, Madrid announced a ban on all wakes and I've just received news of a great family friend's death - not from COVID19 - but the normal route of a funeral and wake is now no longer available to us as a ritual for grieving and finding closure. We cannot come together to mourn, to shed tears, to hold each other. Mo will not get her 'proper' send-off. This is going to become the norm for relatives, world-wide, amidst the shock, fear and isolation many are already feeling. 

Who would have thought that Christian's disappearance/death (around this date, 17 years ago), the lessons we've learnt and the fact we're siblings still, despite his physical death, would become so relevant during this pandemic. We could not mourn. We could not grieve. We could not mark his death in any meaningful way. We had no body. We had no answers.

YET... Christian and I eventually managed to find a healing and transformative way through grief and loss after the most 'unnatural of deaths and griefs'. We were shown a 'safe and holy' way of finding peace, which we are now sharing with the lovely people in RAISE.  

I know how the content I've written and channelled, over the last year or so, has supported, empowered and inspired the small number of grievers who've trialled our community. I'm fully confident in the films, courses, and articles we've created. Spirit is very obviously on board, too... it's all been part of the plan. People will need the free content within RAISE!

So, if you, or anyone you may know, feel drawn to explore RAISE, please do. You don't need to join to see the content. But if you do join, you'll become a fully-fledged member and also receive a PDF (by email) of our first book "Lost & Found: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss", which has just been awarded "Best Spirit Guides and Afterlife Book" in Soul and Spirit magazine's Spiritual Book Awards 2020.

Love to you all. Stay safe.



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