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A Magical Few Months Ahead...

Another journal... what will this one contain? The last one, begun in November ‘18, was all about our Facebook videos, our African travels and plenty of reflection. It was a hibernation through Winter, mixed with experiences from the past. It was a heavyweight: in many ways, not my favourite. + It ended with fearful thoughts for the future. Then I had a reminder today to ask for help when I feel the first fluttering of fear. I haven’t felt fear for at least 6 months, so the hour I had this morning of being anxious (a culmination of the last few days) was an unwelcome reminder of times when I was trying to find Christian. I was trying to control things, trying to analyse things, putting pressure on myself to write/self-promote and wishing others would acknowledge my new direction - all of which are complete pointless activities! + It’s really been a difficult few weeks since I finished the trance sessions with Christian. It can be a lonely place, as a ‘newly-emerged’ medium - as others warned me - especially when waiting for the next steps to become clear. I’m in a holding pattern... and it’s hard not to feel frustrated and worried about logistics, finances, self-confidence, etc. It’s also easy to wonder if I’m strong enough for what’s coming next when I start to go onto a bigger stage... + However, this journal from @tangible_stationery, feels totally different. It speaks of transformations, rewriting the future & not being attached to how/when/where the limelight falls on us. It’s all powdery blue and sparkly gold - which is setting me up nicely for a magical few months. I know I’m being looked after, every step of the way, even when I’m alone. And I also know that I’m going to be ready for, and able to cope with, whatever comes next. One day at a time...

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