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Always look after the children

Spirit speaking:

The younger generation are the Lights, now. We must ALWAYS LOOK AFTER OUR CHILDREN.

Forget about yourselves, and LOOK TO THE CHILDREN.

They’re being harmed by the fearful, negative thoughts of the olders/elders. The children are the future of the physical world.

They need to be looked after and protected, not forced into boxes and forced to be something they’re not. Allow them to be their bright light within. Don’t force them into being just like you. Allow them to grow, naturally. Allow them to keep their magic. It’s your responsibility, as elders, to keep them young.

Don’t let your quarrels, especially at Christmas, damage your children. The future of the world depends on these children; you have no right to force your old views, out-dated views, negative thoughts onto these children.

Nowhere in the world should the children be disrespected — they always have much to teach us. Look to the children for answers: in their innocence, they know. They are the ones with unconditional love in their hearts. Don’t let your experiences cloud them.

(excerpt taken from #3 Christmas Message from Spirit - video/audio/transcription available; use the lights in the darkness image as a guide)

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