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“Will XX be ready to receive?”

That’s the question I ask Spirit when an enquiry pops into my inbox. All I need is a full name, and then, I ask Spirt whether the person is ready and I draw one card from my beloved Animal Totem Tarot deck. As previously determined with Spirit, I only use the suit of wands (indicating movement, spiritual development, creativity, etc.) and the suit of swords (indicating ego-thinking, conflict, authority, etc.) for this enquiry.

Along with the card chosen, I hear ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Maybe’ (when I say ‘hear’ I mean I hear a voice in my mind - Spirit doesn’t vocalise). I'll then hear why the card is relevant to the person's enquiry...

The Animal Totem Tarot: My favourite deck

I’m telling you this in an effort to be as open as possible and to show you what goes on behind the scenes… it’s not a random reply you get back from me. And not everyone gets a ‘Yes’, despite what some might believe. To give you an idea, of the last 12 enquiries, 7 were ‘Yes’.

So, why should I turn down all these potential readings…? Because I take this mediumship very seriously. I know how powerful messages from Spirit can be, and it’s my responsibility to check that:

* People are ready - ie. the right place in their lives - to hear messages which they may have some resistance to hearing (sometimes what you hope will happen, will actually turn out differently, but ultimately better, in the long term).

* They have the confidence and strength to reach their potential, even if they aren’t currently aware.

* They have a good structure of support in place around them, even if they can’t see it at that moment.

* They are open-minded enough to receive.

* They’re not testing me, nor Spirit - Spirit hates being tested but, because they are loving energies I work with, they will offer guidance if the other conditions are in place.

The letter I offer to dictate from Spirit is for those people who really want to change their lives. To take back control of their lives. To be self-guiding. To fulfil their purpose in life. And to do that, they/YOU need to be ready to receive. I’m channelling the fire starters, if you like (see the logo post if you want to know about FIRE).

I am not a counsellor/guide/therapist/guru and I don't want people to become reliant on me to receive answers. I want to empower people so they become confident enough to listen to their own advice.

Also I have to be careful of messages being taken as gospel - there is an element of metaphor at work and everyone has a unique perspective which will inform how they interpret messages. To give you an example: when I was told that ‘a black male would make a magical connection’ in a reading for a horse(!), it was taken for granted that this would be a new rider/owner, but actually it turned out to be a black stallion… the horse became a brood mare! :)

So, you see, messages are not always meant to be taken literally!

What if you get a ‘No’? This doesn’t mean that you can’t have messages in the future, or that Spirit doesn’t want to talk to you - it’s probably just not the right time. And to prove that, I usually draw another two cards to pass on some short-term guidance or I'm guided to offer you a 'tide-you-over' reading to help you become a ‘Yes’ enquiry at a later date.

I hope this post might allay any fears you may have about my motives… I’m a medium you can trust.


❤ x

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