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Why the logo? Simples, it's the energy!

I created this logo mainly out of frustration. I knew what I wanted to produce, but I didn't have the computer skills necessary, or the software. So, instead, I drew it! I'm creative, damn it, I can do it myself...

I’m all about the fire. The fire we come into this world with, and the same fire which is usually extinguished, cooled or hidden as our lives progress.

This fire I equate to our best possible self: our potential, our purpose, our goal for this life.

But what usually happens? We’re told: ‘you can’t do that, do this instead’. We are trained to fit in. To dampen our passion. Squashed into a box.

Thankfully, my children go to a primary school where each child is actively encouraged to discover their fire and nurture it. Everyone’s fire is unique and this is celebrated. Of all the knowledge they gain at this school, I hope it’s this belief in themselves as unique contributors to life that propels them forwards on the long trajectory to adulthood.

I hope their fire isn’t cooled, extinguished or hidden because that’s when the niggles will begin… you know them. The ‘what ifs’, the ‘what am I doing with my life’ and the ‘what have I been doing all this time?'.

It’s only when life really takes you down to the lowest you can go, the so-called ‘dark night of the soul’, that the fire has the chance, once again, to reignite and you have the opportunity to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Okay, it’s an old metaphor, but it’s a goodie.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was at my lowest point. In desperation, I stopped listening to everyone else's opinions/views and sought out my inner voice. I did this through meditation and writing a journal. Gradually, the small voice grew louder and bolder and it was joined by other voices, but this time from Spirit.

This is how I remembered I was a medium - I'd come into this world to spread Love and Light to others and my attempts to pass on messages as a child must have been shut down... only now have I rekindled my fire. My soul's purpose.

So, back to the logo... the fire is the orange triangle. The blue triangle is Spirit. We are all the fire triangle - in the physical realm - as we all have a unique fire within us. Where the triangles meet is where communication takes place between the realms; where the veil is thinnest. I've trained myself to be able to channel messages from Spirit and I receive through my heart space. And that's why I only channel beneficial energies and why I say the answers are all within - that's where I receive my guidance.

And why the triangles you might ask? The equilateral triangle shows the balance needed to feel stable and in control of your fire (on the right path in life). I see the three points of the triangle representing:




When these three energies are directing your thoughts and actions, especially LOVE, then you can do no wrong with your life. This is how Spirit communicates messages and this is how, when we receive guidance from Spirit, those words should be sent out into the physical world. Every action we make, every thought we have spreads out from us, connecting with others near to us, and far from us - we are all connected. That's why I take my role as a medium extremely seriously... every word I write carries an energy to its audience.

And that's the idea I wanted to visually represent when I used water soluble colouring pencils to create this logo - they created a pleasing smudging/hazy effect (I hope you agree!) which represents the ripples of energy which connect us all. That's why it's so important to direct your fire with LOVE: LOVE is catching... and that's a very good thing.

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