To help get you through the festive period, we're offering a free month's trial into RAISE - our online grief community - so you can access the newly-channelled "Emergency Grief Kit".


It contains three films, and their transcriptions, full of essential tools, messages and meditations to keep you balanced, connected with your loved one and strong enough to withstand the toughest time of the year.


Our gift to you. No obligation past the month...

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Healing grief by rising and harnessing the power of love

"RAISE brings together grievers who are seeking a loving (and spiritual) way to transform the pain of grief, so that we can inspire and empower each other to rise, reconnect with our 'dead' loved ones, heal and rebirth into a purposeful and joyful life."


Do take a look and take advantage of our free month's trial, plus our new "Emergency Grief Kit" to get you through the festive period.

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