Checklist: Are you ready for a private session?

Updated: Apr 25

I take the responsibility of channelling messages from Spirit very, very seriously. The messages I receive, and pass on to people, are life-changing - I know full well how Spirit works and whilst I have complete faith that when you are ready to receive you will come to me, I do need to make you fully aware of the impact a session will/can have, and also to prepare you fully.

So, I must ask you to follow this checklist of actions. They are steps designed to protect you, and protect myself: these sessions are powerful and have the potential to bring about full healing, but they often contain truths which will rock your world for a period of time. Healing (as I found) is not a bed of roses and to heal fully and truly you do need to be courageous to receive the medicine from Spirit and to see the path as a marathon, not a sprint.

To that end:

1) I ask that you join our free online grief community - RAISE. You can explore at first and get a feel for the place and what's on offer, but I do need you to make the commitment to join. This community will help support, guide and protect you as you move along the grief pathway, before and after your private session.

2) Once settled into RAISE, you will need to work your way through the 'Emergency Grief Kit' within the 'Courses' section. These three films will get you used to how we (Spirit and myself) work and will provide you with all the resources you need to begin your healing journey. Only when you have completed films within the 'Emergency Grief Kit' will you be able to book a private session with me.

3) When booking with me, you will need to have date(s) in mind which will allow you time to emotionally prepare for the session and allow at least 48hrs after before you undertake any potentially emotional activity... that includes gatherings of large people or stressful situations. The mediumship sessions are very in-depth and you will need time to physically and emotionally recover (they are draining), plus properly digest the information you've received. Please don't drink alcohol or take mind-altering substances 24hrs before and 48hrs after the session. I am saying this to support you - I've made all these mistakes in the past and regretted it! (Also see my disclaimer before booking)

4) Because you have already become a member of RAISE, you will have access to support online following your session. Myself and Christian will be available at least once a month for group Q&A sessions, plus the community will be there to share experiences and stories. We specifically ask members not to give out advice, though... sharing is caring.

[If anyone does approach you with advice or offers of outside services/support, please let us know, because RAISE has been carefully built up by myself and Spirit to provide all the resources you need to empower YOU to find your own way through your own grief]

These steps will prepare you. These steps will support you. These steps are essential.


1) Join RAISE

2) View the 'Emergency Grief Kit'

3) Give yourself the time and space to process the private session - email me or use the contact form to book a private session

4) Use RAISE to support your onward healing journey.




P.S: I've answered many previously raised fears/concerns in this blog: 'Fearful of Mediumship? Spirit Communication = LOVE'

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