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 Working with my brother-in-Spirit, Christian Velten (who disappeared in Africa, 2003) to release stuck, Earth-bound spirits via ’The RAISE Lighthouse’ - our love-fuelled, energetic channel between the realms.


Mission Rebirth

After 15 years of suffering with ambiguous loss, anticipatory grief and complex grief disorder, I finally found out what had happened to my brother, Christian, after he went missing in Mali, Africa in 2003. He was only 27 years old. The truth was he’d been killed all that time ago and Christian was the one to tell me.
I am 'The Finder of Lost Things' - rescue medium, Spirit messenger, speaker and writer. In 2017, after another unsuccessful search for Christian, I decided I needed to find a way to heal the trauma and pain that was making life so hard, so I stopped searching externally for Christian and I looked to ancient healing practices and philosophies to help me heal.
After a personal spiritual awakening, I worked intensely with a group of non-physical entities who gently guided me, comforted me and introduced me to my abilities. If you’d told me that one day I’d find Christian in spirit form, retrieve his energy from Africa, regularly speak to him and film his last few weeks of life on Facebook Live, with me channelling his energy (trance mediumship), I would never have believed you. But his release has also been my release.

Unconditional love made 'the impossible’ possible. And after all the heartache and torturously painful journey, I - no, we - want to share our sibling story and share our knowledge about stuck spirits, and how we use our ‘RAISE Lighthouse’ to release thousands, weekly.



Lost & Found:

Our award-winning first book is now available in paperback: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss. The lessons we learnt, to help you find your way forwards. Full of messages from Spirit and suitable for healing any type of loss: bereavement, broken relationships, lifestyle changes, shattered dreams...

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The Finder Of Lost Things™

Christian and I created a series of Facebook Live videos (2018-2023); now all available to view on our YouTube channel. The whole of our story is revealed - as it happened: including retracing his final steps in Mali, Africa, where he went missing. We recorded them to show that loss is an illusion and that with our sibling bond, still intact, we could share information, experiences, understanding and forgiveness. The early films also contain many general comforting messages from Spirit for those grieving.

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The RAISE Lighthouse

Our online community is home to weekly rescue circles. We also inspire, empower and support members to become ‘RAISE Rebirthers’ to join us as we release stuck spirits.

You can also privately ‘hire' The RAISE Lighthouse if you are a family, business, organisation or group. We can work directly with the stuck spirits and/or with you to release grief and trauma.
See 'Work With Us' tab for more details.

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