Letter of a Lifetime - Intuitive Tarot Reading

Step One:

Let’s first of all see whether you're ready to receive the messages and guidance you seek. All I need is your full name and your email address, which you can send to me by filling in the teeny form. There's no guarantee that I'll be able to channel messages for you - if Spirit decides it isn’t the right time for a message, then they'll tell me.

So, only when I’ve asked for guidance will I know whether we may* work together. It might be difficult to hear you’re not ready, but Spirit will usually give me some information which will help you in the short-term to become ready for a letter of a lifetime! (Find out more about the enquiry process)




* You're under no obligation to book a channelled letter if you're ready to receive... you always have, and always will have, free will :) 

** By sending in this form, you also agree to be added to our mailing list. 

How does the ‘Messenger Service’ work?

  1. If Spirit comes back saying, “Yes!” then we can book you a reading and sort out payment (all done electronically). All I need to know about you is your full name, your postal address (to send the letter) and your email (to send the PDF - see point 4). I need to know nothing else about you - Spirit has that all under control! 

  2. I'll do the tarot reading and channel messages from Spirit for you on your booked day. 

  3. I'll handwrite your letter from Spirit and post it to you within 2-3 working days. Watch out for its delivery as you’ll have to sign for it.

  4. You’ll also receive a PDF of the letter and a picture of your tarot reading, via email, after you’ve received your handwritten letter. 

  5. Then it’s up to you how you digest the information you’ve been given and how you work with it.... again, you have free will. 

Who are the messages from?

The messages I channel for you will come from a loving and helpful source, whoever or whatever that might be for you. I have no control who comes through, although there is a higher being working as ‘the gatekeeper’, who's in charge of the connection and they make the final selection as to whose ‘voice’ I hear. This ensures I only connect with love. This higher being is a very benevolent, kind and thoughtful energy - it’s like someone who has your best interests at heart, even if you don’t consciously know what those interests are! 


Each letter is a work of art; in content, not necessarily in appearance. It's a love letter to you from the non-physical realm. Sometimes the letter implies a collection of beings, as in ‘we’, but other times the voice and the feeling I receive while writing suggests a unique being, known to the recipient. The choice of ‘voice’ is not up to the recipient… who you expect to hear from, or who you feel you need to hear from, may not be the best being for the job. 

What will the letters contain? 

Using an 18-card tarot spread developed with Spirit, I use the tarot as a prompt for my writing. I could write without using the cards, but the cards provide a framework for ‘us’ to work with. I use the ‘Animal Totem Tarot’ deck which I feel very comfortable using because of my strong connection to Nature and animals. 


The letter will usually contain information about: 


  • Your current feelings and the issue which is blocking your movement

  • The underlying reasons behind your feelings and how to heal 

  • Your highest potential self and the message you need to know now, to move forward

  • A pep talk - what your strengths and abilities are, and the resources available to you

  • The POTENTIAL outcome and the most likely outcome if you stay blocked

  • Actions to take NOW


As you can see, the letters carry a three-fold purpose: 

  1. to clear your energy - to show you the issue needing to be healed and to give you guidance on how best to do this. A message you need to hear. 

  2. to ignite your fire - basically a pep talk to bring you confidence to move forward and to show you the barriers to overcome. There is a stick and a carrot also provided!

  3. to direct your fire - everyone has a purpose, a soul’s desire which needs to be enacted to feel truly at peace. Your letter will provide you with actions to take now, to start you on the journey. 


The messages will be multi-layered and incredibly powerful, yet specifically tailored to your level of understanding and using the language and tone you'll feel most comfortable accepting. For example, some of the letters can be fairly short and to-the-point, whereas others are more flowing and full of affirmations. 

When can I book a reading?

I’m currently taking four bookings a week (the readings are draining for me) and I'll generally receive the channelled readings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will post the handwritten letter within 1-2 working days, following the booked reading.

Where do I need to be? 

The best bit, for you, is that you don’t have to be in the room, on Skype, or anywhere near me during the channelling. You can be on the other side of the world, on a bus, having a bath or eating a meal... Spirit will pass onto me what you need to know and the advice may even last a lifetime. 

How much does a channelled letter cost?

£260 - this is payable at the time of booking. You are paying for my time, my ability to channel and my knowledge/experience, not for the content of your letter - that is Spirit's loving responsibility. You will also (if you'd like to) gain access to our grief healing community - RAISE - and our introductory 'Emergency Grief Kit' (EGK) course (normally an investment of £135 for the EGK course). 

You will receive the original letter, by post, via recorded delivery.  


You will also receive a PDF, via your email address, of the letter and tarot cards. You can share this, if appropriate, or keep it as a duplicate in case the original letter is lost or damaged. 

How do I make a booking?

Please 'Ask Spirit' first, to see whether you're ready for a reading. Subsequently, if you decide to book a reading, this is arranged via email.

Some advice:

The messages contained in your letter must be taken as information NOT necessarily as literal… for example I was told continually that my missing brother would return home from Africa. He did, but not in the physical, as we all expected and hoped for. The information was metaphorical - Christian and I have since reconnected, and I did bring him ‘home’, but he’s in Spirit. We are now writing and filming together and he provides me with all the brotherly advice I could wish for. 


Also, all future outcomes indicated in the letter are POTENTIAL - you have to do the work to make yourself and life change. Other issues may crop up, which are not indicated in the reading, but if you are clear and balanced, then obstacles won’t hinder you for long.   


My advice is to keep re-reading the letter and sit quietly with the information. Often the letter will deal with fundamental issues, which you may have resistance to hearing; sometimes the best medicine is the hardest to swallow. But rest assured, you're ready to receive the information and this letter from Spirit has the potential to change your life for the better. Once you are ‘open’ to the possibilities in the message, then help and guidance can be asked for, and received, whenever you’re in need. Everyone can talk to Spirit... 

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