Ask Spirit

Let’s first of all see whether you are ready to receive the messages and guidance you seek. All I need is your full name and your email address, which you can send to me using the small form below. There is no guarantee that I will be able to channel messages for you - if Spirit decides it isn’t the right time for a message, then they will tell me.

So, only when I’ve asked for guidance will I know whether we may* work together. It might be difficult to hear you’re not ready, but Spirit will usually give me some information which will help you in the short-term or will offer a 'tide-you-over' reading to help you become ready for a letter of a lifetime! (Click on the link for more about the enquiry process.)

* You're under no obligation to book a channelled letter if you are ready to receive... you always have, and always will have, free will :) 

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