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About Me

Hello. My name is Hannah Velten and I’m a writer and Spirit messenger.


The ‘writer’ part is easy to explain. I have been a professional writer for nearly 20 years (journalist, author, ghostwriter) and, most recently, have been writing about my 15-year experience of searching for Christian Velten, my then-missing brother. 


The ‘Spirit messenger’ bit is a little harder to grasp, but take a leap with me.  


Essentially, I bring healing Light and Love into people’s hearts when fear abounds and life seems dark. I do this work by channelling guidance from Spirit (the non-physical realm) through guided writing, often supported by tarot reading.


This calling - being a messenger/channel - has been part of my make-up for many past lives.

I have re-birthed countless lives, by nudging people in the right direction.

Now, being a writer, words have become my chosen medium for passing on love-filled messages from Spirit.


Following the devastating loss of my brother (in the physical world), I turned to Spirit for answers and gradually opened to receive their loving healing. Turning from fear to love was ‘all’ I needed to do, to create a clear and pure channel to Spirit.


The channel is my heart space. It’s within me. It’s within you. 


It took a long time (with many mountains climbed, fears dissolved and tears shed), but now I have total faith in the life-changing messages I am able to channel and the healing that can occur by listening and acting on Spirit guidance:

I’m the living proof of this. I am regenerated and so is my life.

And the channel I worked so hard to develop is always kept protected: it’s essential to me for day-to-day guidance, as well as being used for my ‘messenger service’. I love my calling and I'm honoured to serve you.   

About Me: Inner_about
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